Disgrace : A New Life Style Essay

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Melanie Isaacs, a transition to a new life style
The novel Disgrace, by J.M. Coetzee takes place in post-apartheid South Africa. The author offers a view of what is happening at the time, suggesting tensions between the races which are embodied mostly by symbols. David Lurie, a representation of “old” white South Africa, will interact with Melanie, his student and this will change his life from there. While the novel’s portrayal of Melanie have many meaningful layers despite her race, she has a role as a symbol of the transition to the new south Africa.
David Lurie is a middle age professor. He is not passionate about anything, nor his job nor his publications. Divorced twice, he relies on a prostitute for sex. He considers himself to be attractive, to have something that women like, but he also recognizes how he is getting old and the art of seduction is not so easy anymore. David is a person that goes on living, not expecting surprises in his all settle life.
Melanie is one of David’s students. She is 22 but looks younger. On a rainy day he invites her over, she accepts. They have sex on their second meeting. He is full of desire for her. From there they will have sex again, consensual and nonconsensual. She is mostly scared, insecure. She lives in a flat with a cousin, but she appear on his door asking for shelter, she wants to stay. He is confused, but the sexual attraction is strong, thus he accept her as she comes.
“When he made the first move, in the college…

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