Diseases : Human And Animal Populations Essay

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Diseases affect both human and animal populations. The epidemic is worse in a wildlife case scenario. This is because the animals are scattered in the wild. It is hard to account for the infected animals. Furthermore, it is even harder to avail treatment to the infected animals. Wildlife is very important to our ecosystem. Besides, they are a tourist attraction. Therefore, wildlife must be protected from extinction. Australia continent is very famous for koalas. Koalas are very popular in Australia continent. In fact, they are the only surviving members of the Phascolarctidae family. They are also related distantly to wombats. These animals evolved from an extinct marsupial wombat-like ancestor. Initially, there existed around eighteen species of the family. However, other species became extinct over the years. It is unfortunate that the remaining species are also faced with possible extinction. Before the British settlers settled in 1788, there were about ten million koalas. It is very unfortunate that they are about forty-three thousand now.
Chlamydia is the major reason behind the decrease in the population of koalas in Australia. It is an intractable and painful disease. The impact of this deadly disease is devastating. The rampant deaths indicate a possible extinction of the koalas. The disease has proved to be to a threat to the existence of koalas. In fact, the disease infects half of koalas’ population. Urgent and effective treatment is needed for these…

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