Essay about Discrimination And Discrimination For Unique Names

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Discrimination for Unique names
Raven Symone recently made a controversial statement saying she wouldn’t hire anyone with an unusual African American name. Her comment is being called discrimination and it’s actually a pretty ordinary thing. Hiring managers are constantly discriminating applicants on their names. After hearing her broad statements, I began to think about how severe her statement actually was. Should individuals with unique names be judged solely on their names? Should individuals with these names be forced to change them? There are more important things to look at on an application. Hiring managers should look at previous work experience and background on an applicant instead of judging their name. Although some hiring managers believe that a ‘ghetto’ name is representative of a ‘ghetto’ person, an individual 's name should not be the deciding factor on an applicant 's application.
Nowadays it can be difficult for anyone to find a job no matter who you are. But for specifically African Americans, finding employment can be especially challenging. It is true that some African Americans have unique names; names that for some reason are associated with negativity. This negativity stems from stereotypes and miseducation of African American history. African Americans should not be punished for simply being unique, or because white hiring managers are miseducated about African Americans. In a New York Times article titled “Appreciate the History of Names to Root…

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