Discrimination Against African Americans In The Vietnam War Summary

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Document Analysis of Text 1 and 2
Both Text 1 and Text 2 discuss the discrimination against African Americans during the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War ranged from 1955 to 1975 and was a conflict between the communist North against the free South. Ultimately, the US joined the Vietnam War in 1965, to fulfill their destiny of destroying Communism from corrupting other nations. However, at the same time, the US was facing a problem equally as evil, racism. Throughout Text 1 and 2, it presents the irony of this conflict, but at the same time, the reliability of these sources can be argued. To start off, both Text 1 and 2 have an ironic meaning behind it. Text 1, “Black Opposition to Vietnam”, presents the statistics that African American were more likely to be drafted compared to the people of White backgrounds (Lines 6-9). This is a good use of Ethos to draw
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This whole problem also possess some sort of irony. The US is fighting the Vietnam War to end the spread of Communism, but that the same time they were ignoring their internal problems, “King understood that the massive military spending on the war in Vietnam meant that the nation had far fewer resources available to attack domestic poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment.” (Lines 20-23) The hypocrisy of this is absurd, due to the fact that the US is fighting another country war instead of making their own country a safer and better place to live. Another ironic moment was the assassination of Martin Luther King. On lines 36-37, it exposes the police officers by stating that they abandoned their posts, allowing James Earl Ray to take the shot, ending Martin Luther King’s life. James Earl Ray believed that if he cut off the head of the resistances, he could end the whole uprising together. However, just like the Lernaean Hydra, the fight for equality grew 2 more heads, “Using the Reverend’s rhetoric

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