Essay about Disasters As A Humanitarian Disaster

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Disasters form when hazards and vulnerability factors collide. The underlying causes, conditions, triggers and inadequate measures to reduce risk are all important aspects to consider when studying disasters. I will be using the social vulnerability perspective in this essay to examine the floods that occurred in Pakistan in 2010. These floods were considered to be a massive humanitarian disaster, leaving millions suffering through loss and insecurity. Specifically, I will be taking a practical approach and looking at the technological and human dimensions that contributed to this disaster. This is essential in order to better understand and prepare for the possibility of a future flood of this magnitude. I will argue that the 2010 Pakistan floods were based largely on problematic human structures that made it difficult for the vulnerable population to not only prepare for but to also recover from.
From the summer of 2010 to the winter of that same year, Pakistan suffered through an intense Monsoon season that brought on a series of extreme flooding events in the regions surrounding the Indus River. According to the United Nations, the floods were rated as one of “the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history with more people affected than the South-East Asian tsunami and the earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti combined” (Tweedie, 2010). The flooding proved to be disastrous, as it caused for close to two thousand fatalities and led to millions of internally displaced…

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