Disadvantages Of A Nuclear Family

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In more than 40 percent of current marriages, one or both spouses are remarrying (Strong, 2013). What that is saying is that if one thinks about all the possible types of stepfamilies, it is likely that a majority of Americans could possibly be associated with a stepfamily. Traditionally one was assumed to get married, have children, then die or experience widowhood. Nowadays it is not taboo for someone to get married, have children, get divorced, be a single parent, and/or possibly get remarried. Currently there are various alternatives to traditional marriage such as, single-parenting, binuclear families, recoupling, remarriage, and blended families. In reality, if a family is satisfying its needs and functions, it is a normal family. Single-parent …show more content…
This generation is very unorthodox and will influence future generations to do the same. It is not uncommon to see single parents and/or gay couples with children. We have overcome “traditions” and learned to accept all types of alternative families. The nuclear family is its own aim for divorce and a fractured family. The nuclear family, particularly in a nation where everyone lives so isolated, so geographically separated from everyone else, and so behind closed doors, leaves the tiny, few people of the nuclear family on their own, period, to handle everything isolated, and with no one else to share. Sort of a, "You 're on your own, buddy, whatever happens!" I think it 's especially unhealthy to raise kids in such isolated conditions. I didn 't grow up that way. I grew up in a true neighborhood where everyone knew everyone and we had many close (visiting, drop-in) friends in the community. The sort of friends that hung out outside on the sidewalk, at someone 's home, and no matter what, one felt close to. We also had constant contact with extended family, so we/I never felt isolated. In other countries (e.g. Italy), nuclear families have such frequent contact with extended family that it 's hard to truly call them a nuclear family, at least to the extent of the isolated nuclear family of the U.S., which is emotionally, financially, psychologically, and in many other ways unhealthy. The result of raising children in such isolation, is that they know no other way except separation, which in itself is harmful. I 'm not entirely sure you can teach people to grow out of isolation, nor can you point it out to them. They don 't even know what anything is except isolation, except for the occasional walk to the supermarket and movies (to be among strangers), or the church for an hour or two. In an alternative family, children are in better environments. If they only have one parent, they are able to see how hard their parent

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