Disability and Culture Essay

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In my essay you will learn about Jamaican and Haitian culture and their outlooks on disability. Laster on you will see the comparisons between those two cultures and the American culture. I selected the Jamaican culture because it has always been a dream of mine to visit Jamaica. I selected Haiti because I am not well educated on their culture.
In that Jamaican cultural concepts that influence disability originate from their religious beliefs that are related to Christianity and Afro- Christian sects. The beliefs that Jamaicans have majorly influence that way they look at disability. They believe that disability is a punishment for wrong doing. Even professionals and the educated middle class tend that a disability is a result of sin.
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If someone in the family has a disability the rehabilitation decisions are made by the entire family as a whole. Since religion is a big part in why disabilities happen in the Haitian culture a rehabilitation service is to turn to religion. If the religion approach does not work successfully, the family will turn to institutions. Sometimes medication is a source to heal the disability. If the medicine does not work right away they believe the medicine is not worth taking. There are five key themes that come when thinking about when a Haitian is in the rehabilitation system. Haitians in the United States do not fully utilize the existing rehabilitation system, institutions are used as a refuge from stigma, parents may expect immediate results, the role of consumers and family in rehabilitation is not recognized and cross- cultural tensions often impede service provision.
There are many comparisons between the Jamaican culture and the Haitian culture. Both cultures believe that having a disability is a punishment. They believe that having a disability is caused form something other than natural causes. Also having a disability is looked down upon. It is shameful and the family does not want the outside world to know because it will make the parents look bad. It will make them look like they are partaking in sinful and harmful acts. However, when it comes to getting rehabilitation for their disabilities, Haitian culture is

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