Essay on Disability Plan

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The expression severe disability generally refers to students with significant disabilities in intellectual, physical, and/or social functioning (Heward, 2009). Today special educators maintain and emphasize that a student with severe disability, regardless of age, is one who needs instruction in basic skills, such as getting from place to place independently, communicating with others, controlling bowel and bladder functions, and self-feeding. Special education for students with severe disabilities includes systematic instruction in basic skills (Heward, 2009). Identifying Information/Family History Sam is an African American, eleven year old, male student who is in the sixth grade in the program for autism. In addition …show more content…
In the area of reading decoding, Sam was able to identify various upper and lowercase letters, but not their corresponding sounds. He did not identify or point to any sight words during the assessment. On the Reading Comprehension subtest, he was unable to match printed words to their corresponding pictures. Testing was discontinued prior to administration of selections requiring Sam to read sentences or passages. In the area of Math, Sam obtained a standard score of 44, which also fell below the 0.1 percentile, and in the lower extreme range. In the area of Math Concepts and Applications, Sam was able to rote count to approximately 20, identify single digit numerals, and identify basic shapes. He was not able to compare relative sizes, including biggest, smallest, tallest, and heaviest. He was not able to match printed numerals to a picture showing the specified number of items or solve word problems based on information in a picture. In the area of Math Computation, Sam was able to identify a missing number from a series of consecutive numbers, write single digit numbers upon request, and read basic math computation problems (i.e., 4+2=), however, he was not able to solve single digit addition or subtraction problems without significant prompting from the examiner. His teacher indicates that he relies on the use of visuals to solve these problems. In the area of Written

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