Disabilities That Can Protect Individuals With Disabilities Essay examples

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Disability is not inability is a common phrase many people understand today. In this regard, many have accepted that the people with disabilities have capacity to undertake some duties just like the other people, which can be seen in the increasing number of people with disabilities in institutions of higher learning as well as many working places. Therefore are different forms of disabilities, some visible and others invisible. Although people with disabilities are incorporated in the general working environments as well as institutions of higher learning and other places, many are still facing many challenges while interacting with the other people. Some organizations accept people with disabilities just because it is a legal requirement not because they are willing to do so. In this regard, they have failed to establish measures that can protect individuals with disabilities. This exposes the people with disabilities to stigma, barriers, and prejudice among other forms of challenges. As such, it is possible to see many people with disabilities, both visible and invisible walking alone or with their pets because other people have established a way of avoiding them. This paper discusses stigma, barriers, prejudice, and discrimination as the major difficulties that people with disabilities face in college and in the workplace.
Difficulties that People with Visible and Invisible Disabilities face in College and in the Workplace
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