Dimensional Assessment Of Personality Pathology ( Dapp ) Essay

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Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology (DAPP) is an instrument used in psychological assessment to measure different personality traits. Personalities are generally formed by the different traits people have. In most cases, people are classified as introverts or extroverts. However, there are more traits that further distinguish the difference between the two types. Each of them has different habits that give each individual his/her uniqueness. On the flip side, people can get caught up in their own classification and lose touch of others around them. In other terms, such people are referred to as social misfits. These traits are more often the main cause for personality disorders (John, Andrew & Donna, 2005).
Traits in psychology refer to the habitual patterns that one has that define one 's personality. One 's traits become stable as the individual grows older. Psychologically, the period up until one’s traits stabilize is known as the experimental stage. In the early development years, there are certain factors that could alter the growth of a child. Firstly, when he/she undergoes a major traumatic event, he/she is prone to develop coping mechanisms in order to deal with fears. Some of these traits include shying away from people or avoiding eye and physical contact with them. Secondly, when an individual has a different personality from the people around, he/she is developing split personalities in order to fit in. These main occurrences may in the long run…

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