Theme Of Guilt In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay
Guilt is associated with the victim but the victim is not always the one pulling the strings. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird Mayella Ewell is just a small town girl, living in her lonely world. Mayella Ewell lives with many siblings and her father, Bob Ewell. Bob Ewell is an abusive father who does not treat Mayella well which causes her a lot of trouble. Atticus Finch the lawyer who interrogated Mayella in the trial plays an important part in Mayella’s innocence. Atticus aggressively asks her questions she has no answers to which scares her. Mayella Ewell grew up without a mother and friends. She did not have the same childhood if any at all as a regular person. Therefore in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird,
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During the trial of Tom Robinson Mayella clearly commits perjury. Mayella transparently speaks lies to protect her father when she says, “Huh? Yes, he hit me I just don’t remember, I just don’t remember it all happened so quick” (Lee, 185). Mayella speaks lies in order to protect her father from worsening his reputation on his or her behalf. Furthermore, Bob Ewell clearly effects how Mayella retells her memory. Mayella is unsure of what to say because she does not want to get her father in trouble, “Mayella was silent, she seemed to be trying to get something clear to herself” (185). Mayella cannot answer simple questions put to her and during the interrogation she tries to think of possible answers that would sound reasonable. Mayella tries very hard to think of answers that will protect herself and her father. Mayella struggles and makes it clear that she is not speaking the truth. It is a relevant point that Bob Ewell beats his daughter in order for her to say what he wants. It is never explicitly stated but it is heavily implied. Atticus asks her about her father and provides a truth, “Who beat you up Tom Robinson or your father?” (187). Mayella has receives pressure from her father by the abuse given by Bob Ewell. Bob Ewell physically abuses Mayella before the incident with Tom Robinson and during, after the trial. Bob Ewell’s physical pressure on Mayella forces her in to speak …show more content…
Mayella did not grow up as a normal child as she was missing many aspects of being a child. Mayella Ewell grew up without any friends or even connections to other people, “’Who are your friends?’ The witness frowned as if puzzled. ‘Friends?’ ” (183). Mayella grew up without any friends or interaction with other people than her family. For at least fifteen years of her life she knows not of friends or relationships all she knows is her family. Mayella spent her childhood alone, and abused. Along growing up without friends, Mayella grew up without a mother as well, “’How long has your mother been dead?’ Don’t know long-time’” (182). Growing up without a mother is as impactful as growing up without friends. Mayella never had the parental guide or even connection many other children have. All Mayella has is her abusive father who has never shown a bright side to his parental side. Growing up alone along with an alcoholic father must have been socially and psychologically damaging to Mayella. Having a bad family is one of the worst things imaginable especially when you cannot escape it like Mayella. She had to grow up alongside her terrible family. The psychological effect of being forever alone and having a bad family is mind destroying, “’I said he does tollable’ Mr. Ewell leaned back again. ‘Except when he’s drinking?” (183). Mayella cannot deal with her father being an alcoholic and alongside the

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