Essay about Digital Tracking Of Hazardous Materials

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Digital Tracking of Hazardous Materials Increased use of advanced technology coupled with innovative techniques has streamlined how cargo and shipments are tracked across the globe. Many companies have made great strides in converting their shipping methods to utilize digital tracking methods with great success. Currently shippers, transporters and suppliers have a real time view of the location and status of their products and materials in transit through electronic tracking methods such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. Shipping hazardous materials requires documentation listing the product, quantity, associated hazards and procedures to follow in the event of an unwanted situation. Adapting the way in which hazardous materials are tracked to utilize digital media will enable all concerned the ability to obtain rapid knowledge of the materials, hazards and safety concerns for each shipment.
The Code of Federal Regulation (CRF) title 49 Transportation requires hazardous materials being shipped document the hazardous materials that are shipped, as well as the container be clearly labeled and marked to alert transporters and emergency responders of the contents. Each shipment regardless of the size, quantity, bulk items or non bulk shippers need to properly identify the materials moving across the various modes of transportation. Identifying the containers large or small has a regulated method in which it is done. For example, a trailer full of…

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