Different Ways of Teaching Essay

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When an individual makes the ultimate decision that he or she wants to expand their knowledge base by seeking out higher educational opportunities, it is imperative to take into consideration what kind of an environment best suits the individual person. Today we are afforded the opportunity to attend class not only in the traditional sense of being in a classroom setting with a professor that instructs from the from of the room but also the ability to attend class from the comfort of a location of our choice while online and at a pace at suits the individual. There are many reasons why a person would choose one of these options over the other. Those reasons include but are not limited to having classmates present to learn from one …show more content…
The biggest of which, being that when you are in a classroom environment you have the opportunity to have questions answered by right there on the spot by the professor as he or she teaches so that you remain on track with the rest of the class. Online students on the other hand are forced to wait to receive an email response from their professor and if their original question wasn’t answered they must send another email to clarify and again wait for a response even as deadlines for assignments approach. They also have the option to call their professor however most online students have professions they work during the day so they are doing homework at night when their kids are in bed which could make a phone call inconvenient for the professor in addition the time zone changes.
There are many ways to expand your knowledge with online teaching and traditional classroom teaching. Online teaching helps you fix problems on your own because there is no one present to help a student. The student will be able to learn new materials based on what they are reading and not being taught. When a student takes online courses they tend to teach themselves and study more because they have no one to assist them. Both online teaching and traditional teaching allow a student to work more efficiently and be able to complete assignments

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