Different Upbringings Encounter : Elizabeth Anasco Essay

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Different Upbringings Encounter The Same Conflict

Elizabeth Anasco is a five foot, 68 year old Filipino woman with an intense accent but sweet and calm voice. She is also my aunt. Janise Johnson is a five foot, 62 year old black and native american woman with an incredible amount of energy and a voice that can be heard two blocks away. She is my boyfriends neighbor. Their stories and life-hood are reflections of how they came to be the person they are today. Elizabeth Anasco was born and raised in a city called Bataan in the Philippines. She came from a well off family that never experienced the struggle of not having enough food or little money. However, they did have to go outside everyday to get water from a well for them to drink and bathe in. She grew up in a two story house on a farm with her mother, father, and eight siblings, her being the second eldest of them all. Because of this, she had to be a second mother to the seven younger siblings starting at the age of eleven. While her parents were working in the shop, she was in charge of the cooking, cleaning, and making sure that everyone including herself did their homework. Despite all of the hard work and lack of sleep, she grew quite fond of the idea of teaching her younger brothers and sisters how to be responsible. It was during this time that she decided she wanted to become a teacher. By the time Elizabeth was eighteen she had already graduated from college with her bachelors degree. Sadly, she did…

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