Essay about Different Types Of Energy And Thermal Energy

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All things are made of atoms that have constant movement, like five year olds on red bull. So these molecules and atoms make energy in the form of heat from their energy, similar to what your body does when it works out and you start to get hot. Therefore all matter has at least some thermal energy, no matter how small or minute it is. There is different types of energy but this essay is meant to inform readers of conduction, convection and radiation because they all deal with thermal energy. As previously stated, matter has energy but the amount of thermal energy determines the physical state of the matter. It is theoretically impossible for atoms to have no movement, but if they could it would be where the Kelvin scale starts at zero kelvin. So conduction and convection are different from radiation because they require matter. Conduction is the transfer of energy from one thing to another. Metals are primarily the most efficient conductors. The reason for this is that liquids have molecules and atoms more sparsely spaced apart than solids which are densely packed together. So when something is directly trying to heat something up and touching the desired to be heated object, heat is absorbed by giving the molecules more energy and starts spreading throughout the body of the object from those molecules bouncing around off other molecules and giving those molecules energy, working kind of like a chain reaction (EDinformatics,1999). It really matters how close the…

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