Different Types Of Books By John Green Essay

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There are many different types of books in the world. Books fall into in many different genres, lengths and authors. There is never any books that are exactly the same, but there are many similarities between books that are written by the same author. Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars are two books written by the well-known author John Green. These two books have completely different plots and storylines, but they both share the John Green writing style that can be easily seen. These two books both show a setting of adventure between many characters. These two books also tell the story through the perspective of one of the main characters. Finally, these two books share a similar sentence structure between the two books; very long and unnecessary. John Green makes each book with their own stories and characters, but always includes the key elements that make it a John-Green book.

The first element that is shared between Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars is the setting of an adventure. In Paper Towns, two young teens named Quentin and Margo have a wild night by going out and doing some dangerous and risky things. They broke into someone’s house and burned off their eyebrow in their sleep, and breaking into Seaworld after hours (Green 47 and 52). There was some more adventure when Quentin and his friends go on a road trip to Roscoe, New York. They go up the countryside because they believe that Margo had ran away and is hiding up there. Paper Towns is just one…

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