Different Methods Of Communicating Dating Back And The Cave Man Era

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Throughout, history you can see different methods of communicating dating back to the cave man era. Though, there are many different ways communication has been done from the beginning of time, it’s no secret that language is the primary code humans use to communicate. “Although there is no specific date that we can pinpoint as to when language was first "discovered," we can estimate that our ancestors have been verbally communicating for approximately a million years.”(Bevan & Sole, 2014) How much time in a single day do you communicate with your phone, computer, or both? Why does this matter? This is a question I never thought to ask myself but throughout this assignment I have come to the realization that I don’t use my cellular device or the computer as much as I thought I did. Although, I find it hard to pinpoint how much time I actually spend communicating on each device, because depending on my work load or what’s going on in my life I might use certain devices more than others to communicate with friends and family. However, to better answer the question I must admit, I don’t like using technology that must and the only times I do use my phone or computer is for work related purposes. The military requires me to have my cellular device readily available at all times, in case new information is pass down from the chain of command after work hours. On a normal workday I spend at least an hour communicating on my cellular device. Most of the time I’m passing…

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