Different Concepts And Theories Of Promote Better Health And Diet Regulations

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Through out this semester we have been given different concepts and theories to promote better health and diet regulations. We have received historical evidence about the foods we consume and encouraging information to promote the importance of preparation and how it affects our wellbeing. Food preparation and the way it is served has quickly transitioned from slow farm cooking, to industrialized fast food.
Originally, food was valued amongst many families and cultures across the globe. It was prepared and grown by hand in a timely matter, as many families had to farm and grow their own crops. Women cooked the foods that were brought in from the farm and often spent a good amount of time preparing everything from scratch. Foods in this time where not chemically induced and remained completely natural. Family meals where held every day as it was the center of entertainment and communication. “People had no choice but to devote their lives to growing and cooking the foods they ate.” (Lauden, Praise of Fast Food, 3) Slow cooking was a life style for many and the American diet consisted of healthy protein and vast amounts of greens. As I read on about the past and old ways of cooking, I became jealous of the healthy diets that most consumed.
Sadly this era of slow cooking came to an end and slowly transitioned to become more industrialized. Quick and easier ways of food preparation were being discovered as many factories were being built to speed the process of farming.…

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