Differences Between The Way And Rainy Mountain And Alice Walker 's Beauty When The Other Dancer Is The Self

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Differences in between the lines
Each story a person shall come across will always differ from one to the next. Whether it is from a different point of view of how the grammar, tone, content, theme, texture etc. is used the stories are never going to be exactly the same; they will not necessarily be different either. Many stories have very similar motives to make you think, act and feel certain ways, like the comparison between N. Scott Momaday’s “The Way to Rainy Mountain” and Alice Walker’s “Beauty When the Other Dancer is the Self.” They compare and contrast perfectly.
For Example, N. Scott Momaday and Alice Walker are two very different writers, but they have narratives that clash in a textual way. In N. Scott Momaday’s, The Way to Rainy Mountain, he writes in a way that forces the reader to keep up with the story. This means he is constantly going back and forth from the past and the present. Some readers may exclaim that it is very difficult to read and fully comprehend. Momaday himself writes, “I wanted to see in reality what she had seen more perfectly in the mind 's eye, and traveled fifteen hundred miles to being my pilgrimage” (Momaday 1). In this quote, he is stating what he presently wants. Next, he would address “She was about seven when the last Kiowa Sun Dance was held in 1887 on the Washita River above Rainy Mountain” (Momaday 2). This statement is an example of him going back in time in his story. The next part of the story he would go back to the…

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