Differences Between Police And Minority Communities Essay

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understandings and language skills to the force. Diversity is also considered a key ingredient for the successful implementation of community-based policing” (p. 1). Similarly, White et al., (2010) stated, There are a number of reasons why diversity in police departments is emphasized, most notably the perceived link between under-representation and long term tense conflict between police and minority communities” (p. 520). A diversified police workforce will enable law enforcement agencies more successful outcomes particularly in carrying out their department’s mission. A diversified work force will also create opportunities to build bridges with minority communities; furthermore, to reflect the composition of the community they serve (Hess and Orthmann, 2012). Acquiring greater diversity in police agencies will attract more minority police trainees; however, lack of training in culture diversity can impede police and community trust.
According to Powers (2010), “Achieving racial diversity has become a goal for many local police departments and not because of political correctness. Increasingly the departments recognize that having a mix of officers enables them to be more responsive and build better relationships with the surrounding community” (p. 1). Striving to achieve diversity is very challenging for most police departments, and at times many police departments face significant obstacles and may not achieve their goals. That being said, the question that police…

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