Essay on Differences Between American Sign Language

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Purpose My research will aim to identify the differences between American Sign Language in everyday conversation and American Sign Language literature, specifically comparing the syntax and imagery within the two. As a comparison, oftentimes in English literature, namely poetry, regular syntax and imagery of the English language are changed or emphasized by the author in order to create a certain literary effect. The goal of my research is to determine whether or not this technique is used in American Sign Language literature, and if it is, I want to determine exactly how it is used. Ever since taking an American Sign Language class my sophomore year of high school, ASL has been a significant part of my life. Although I have been immersed in Deaf culture since then, I’ve never had the opportunity to learn more about ASL literature, never mind comparing that to regular conversations in ASL. By researching this topic, I intend to fill the gap in research that has yet to address the differences between the two “forms” of ASL. Through comparing literature and everyday communication within the language, similarities and differences can be drawn. Hopefully by researching this topic I can contribute new information to the academic conversation of ASL literature.
Relevant Research After sorting through research topics involving American Sign Language, I have found articles and dissertations written about topics in ASL literature. At Boston University, the American Sign Language…

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