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Exploratory Testing vs Scripted Testing : which is better?

Problems with multiple solutions signify that people can approach issues in the way that best suits their resources, capabilities and requirements. This is true for testing methodology where there are a number of ways that can be taken, but it's truly the end result that matters. The choice comes down to two potential ways: scripted or exploratory. Testing teams can apply a variety of underlying practices to drive their testing efforts and produce better quality products. However, teams must understand the difference between scripted and exploratory testing and which approach to take.

Scripted Testing:

Scripted testing is an approach that focus on precision and control. In,
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Does this mean that exploratory testing is perfect and the answer to every software tester’s dreams? Not at all.

Exploratory testing vs. Scripted testing; Is it really only either or?

As mentioned several times by thought-leaders within the testing community, “If you imagine a product as a field of landmines and each landmine is a defect, then it’s pretty clear that treading the same path over and over is not the way to find them all.” This mean that the practical and right approach, with regard to coming as close as possible to “minimal” defects, is going to be a mixture of the two.

Sometimes while exploratory testing uncover the completely unexpected defect of a program, there is a chance that to miss the simplest defect as the tester simply never got there. Now, there may be times when testers need a descriptive set of steps in a scripted test to pass specific requirements, or need absolute control over what is being tested and how it is being tested. Sometimes testers want to use an exploratory approach to test as tester is unfamiliar with a new undocumented or under-documented feature, or when testers want to assess the system in ways which have not previously

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