Difference Between Japan And Other Countries Essay

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Difference of perception of “asking a question” between Japan and other countries

I have felt different a different atmosphere in a classroom since I came to Vancouver in February. The frequency that I hear questions, which are posed by students clearly increased. Then I noticed almost every student except for Japanese asks his or her questions when meeting something that he or she does not know. When I went to an ESL school, I experienced an event that symbolizes the characteristic of Japanese peoples’ perceptions toward asking questions. One day, in class, our teacher divided students into some groups and distributed different articles about a political movement, an economy, international issues and so on. Then he instructed us to read the articles and after that, explain about it to a person, who read a different article. We are also required to read it without using our dictionaries; instead, he told us to ask him if there are uncertain words or expressions. Because the subjects of the articles were tough, student questioned one after another. However, I hesitated to ask for the teacher and thereby it was impossible to explain about my article to my friends, since I could not ask him about the meanings of the words that I did not know, even though there were so many. After class on that day, we talked about the class among Japanese. Then, it was revealed that other Japanese friends were also in the same situation as me. As you may noticed, asking question is…

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