Men Vs Women Essay

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Since the beginning of history there have been a visible divide between men and women. When a child is born the first question is whether it’s a boy or a girl. Genders roles have been defined since the beginning of time they are very important to society on the idea that there are separate roles and man and women fulfill. A woman must be feminine; this is attributes connected to the thoughts and behaviors women should have. Femininity has been constructed over time by societal members. Masculinity is the set social norms it takes in order for an individual to be seen or deemed from society normal. They are both defined by what jobs one has, abilities physical attributes, and personal traits. Gender roles have been defined since the beginning …show more content…
Men during the time of World War I were expected to enlist in the war. Inside of the article, “World War I Propaganda Posters, there is a poster of a woman dresses as a navy sailor saying, “Gee !! I wish I were A MAN. Id join the NAVY, Naval reserve or coast guard” . Men were expected to have a desire of fighting and enlisting in the war. Individuals had higher expectations for men because they were the more dominant gender between the two. Men were placed on a high petal-stool by society, emotions were not something they showed. They also didn’t have a huge role in their homes other than being the bread winners and paying the bills. So, when war began it was very easy for a man to detach and leave their home behind because they didn’t have a prominent role in it. In the article, “Shooting the Elephant”, the author George Orwell takes the reader through a man’s thought process of killing an elephant. The story shows the emotions of a man who is confused on whether or not to shoot it. On one hand, he doesn’t want to look weak to all the village people watching because as a male officer they look to him for protection. He also doesn’t want to hurt the elephant but at the same time he must follow the rules of the social norms of a mans masculinity. This passage goes to show that masculinity is looked at more often than not by how much power a male has. An un-powerful …show more content…
It means taking pride in a female femininity and not pushing women down in order to keep their male counter-part lifted. In the book, “I am Malala”, she gives a great quote on her stance on woman femininity and how history has affected it. “when women say they want independence, people think this means we don’t want to obey our fathers, brothers or husbands. But it does not mean that. It means we want to make decisions for ourselves.” Femininity in history has always placed women below males, when they should be lifted up as equals. The word has changed from meaning that a woman must obey her husband into women pushing for better rights and equality from society. Women are doing great things in the world just as men are but are being discredited because of their genders. History has defined femininity as submissive, tender and sensitive to others needs. It has pushed women into positions and stereotypes that they have not been able to fully

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