Difference Between Conflict And Conflict Essay

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Consensus vs. Conflict Throughout this semester we walked back and forth understanding the role freedom played in American history. In unit three we discussed how our founding fathers wrote us the check of freedom and that it was up to us to pass this freedom on to later generations. From the start America was known as the “land of the free,” but was America actually free for all on its land? The establishment of America seem to have been based more on power then it did freedom. If it was freedom then it had to be derived from power, because it seemed the economic elite held the power. Power equals self-interest and the economic elite had their own self-interest in mind when creating this nation. Taking a page out of Marxism, “History is derived from class conflict.” Class in the context of Marxism refers to the divisions of not only rich or poor but race as well. Going back to unit one Europeans came to America or the “New World” to escape from the king. They wanted a place where they had the choice to choose their own religion and choose their own way of living. Settlers arrive in Jamestown in 1607 in search of a better life. They encountered natives, those that had already been in this “New World.” Rather than trying to live with these natives, they pushed the natives off their land. This was the first example of how these soon to be Americans used their class to flex their power. Since the natives were different and considered to be uncivilized they were…

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