Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Theologian, Pastor, Conspirator, And Martyr

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer: a theologian, pastor, conspirator, and martyr was born in 1906 with in Brelau, Germany. From the age of fourteen in 1920, Bonhoeffer knew he was destined for the life of a theologian. However, he came from a family of brothers who considered the church to be “a poor, feeble, boring, petty, bourgeois institution.” He was an identical twin, and one of 8 children in his large family. Surprisingly, Bonhoeffer did not grow up in a family of theologians, but actually in a family of humanists who preferred to spend their holidays outside of the church (Marsh, 4) He was the son of one of the most famous neurologists in Berlin at the time who was the director for the center of nervous diseases at the University of Berlin.
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Here he experienced the world of Catholicism up close and personal for the first time, and felt no discomfort for the traditions and sacraments of it. The trip to the United States, while it seemed so romantic on the ship ride, near the beginning, seemed to Bonhoeffer to be a waste of his time. He is quoted as of saying “There is no theology here” (Marsh 104) He was astonished at how many theologians left out Christ in their doctrines. This stirred up a new sense of “moral passion” in Bonhoeffer and he would never be the same. “The American social theology, which had seemed so void of …show more content…
One of the most famous aspects of Bonhoeffer’s life and career was the Confessing Church. The seminary trained pastors for the “Confessing Church,” a group Bonhoeffer and others had formed as an alternative to the Nazi-influenced German Reich Church. The seminary that he ran that contrasted the views of the Hitler church was the “Confessing Church.” Bonhoeffer’s seminary was the battling the German Evangelical Protestant Church. The Confessing Church which Bonhoeffer helped form with Martin Niemoller. The Confessing church sought to stand in opposition to the Nazi supported, German Christian movement. The opposition went poorly at first, and in 1933 Bonhoeffer took a 2 year reprieve preaching in

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