Essay about Dick Cheney And David Addington

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Dick Cheney and David Addington shared a common view of the presidency and the powers that the president should have. They believed in a powerful president that could do whatever he wanted to do. In the program Frontline (Kirk), Martin Lederman, Office of Legal Counsel, 1994- '02, remarks about Cheney, “He believes that the president should have the final word, indeed the only word, on all matters within the executive branch.” Cheney was not a lawyer and he found in David Addington a lawyer who agreed with Cheney’s view of extending presidential powers and thereby giving him a sense of validation. Cheney believed he was helping to protect the country by expanding presidential powers especially after 9/11. He felt that the executive branch was the leader and that the congress and supreme court were there to back up the president. He did not see them as equals. His argument was that the president was the commander in chief and therefore he possessed unlimited powers in times of war or national emergency. During this time period the administration was conducting a program of Central Intelligence Agency interrogations that according to journalist Scott Shane included, (Kirk,, “very harsh techniques which had not been approved in decades of U.S. practice, including slapping people, keeping them in cold rooms, sleep deprivation, bombarding them with music, and even water boarding, the simulated drowning. This opinion, we 're told, gives expansive approval to the…

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