Diagnosis Reflection Paper : Diagnosis

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Running Head: DIAGNOSIS REFLECTION PAPER 1 Diagnosis Reflection Paper Amy Gugig Advanced Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis I SWGS 6430 Christine Toner Fordham University October 20, 2012
DIAGNOSIS REFLECTION PAPER 2Diagnosis Reflection paper Throughout my time in graduate school, I have been asked to spend a fair amount of time in self-reflection, exploring how my experiences, socio-economic status, race, gender, and sexual orientation all influence my work with clients. Self-awareness helps us to prevent our biases and backgrounds from interfering with the work, and allows us to better serve our clients. In this paper, we were asked to explore how our personal biases and cultural background inform our work with those struggling with mental illness, as well as our capacity for, and comfort with, diagnosis. Mental Illness I have a fair amount of first-hand experience with mental illness and its struggles, both my own, and in family members’ . One of my older sisters had a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, and I lived with the symptoms of that at a young age, long before I was able to understand them A diagnosis of schizophrenia comes with many public misconceptions and great stigma. One of the most common myths about those living with schizophrenia is that they are violent and dangerous. Most are not. However, my sister, the one person I knew personally who had this diagnosis, was, in fact, violent and dangerous. She…

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