Developmental Stages of Adolescents Essay

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Developmental Stages Paper In this paper I plan to discuss the developmental stages of adolescence. Adolescents are also referred to as "teenagers" or "young adults." Adolescence begins after the childhood stage and ends right before adulthood. The years of adolescence range from 12 years old to 21 years old. The years of adolescence can be quite a roller coaster ride. Young people in this stage encounter a great deal of changes in their life as they prepare for adulthood. I will discuss emotional, intellectual, physiological, and social domains of development and how it relates to adolescents. I will also discuss some helpful tips for teachers to aide in communicating effectively to adolescents and understanding their …show more content…
For example, What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hopes for the future? Listen nonjudgmental and listen more than you speak. This enables the adolescent to realize that you value his or her opinions, and thus to trust you more. • Ask open-ended questions, questions that require more than a yes or no response. This helps the adolescent think through ideas and options. • Avoid "why" questions, as they tend to put people on the defensive. Try to rephrase your questions to get at what the adolescent is thinking rather than the reason for something the adolescent has said or done. For example, instead of asking, "Why did you say that?" say instead: "You seemed to be really trying to get across a point when you did that. Can you tell me more about what you mean?" • Match the adolescent's emotional state, unless it is hostile. If the adolescent seems enthusiastic or sad, let your responses reflect his or her mood. Reflecting helps a person feel understood. • Casually model rational decision-making strategies. Discuss how you once arrived at a decision. Explain, for example, how you defined a problem, generated options, anticipated positive and negative consequences, made the decision, and evaluated the outcome. Adolescents have relatively short attention spans, so be brief, and choose a topic relevant to

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