Development Of Americ Comparing And Contrasting The Northern, Southern, And Western Regions

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Development of America: Comparing and Contrasting the Northern, Southern, and Western Regions In today’s world, everyone sees America as a strong united country, but not to long ago, this was not the case. The United States was not always so united. America used to almost be looked at as three different parts; those parts being the North, the South, and the West. While the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is the huge difference between the North and South, what most people do not realize is that compared to the North and the South, the Western region of America is actually vastly different. The West was not even a part of America when the North and South were already immensely developed. States that exist in the West now such as California and Oregon were the only two states that officially existed in the West during the American Civil War. Another astonishing fact that people do not realize about the West is that it is actually one of the major reasons the American Civil War occurred. The South and the North may have had their disagreements which create differences, but the truly contrasting region was that of the West. The British Colonies are thirteen colonies created by Britain in an attempt to gain more wealth. At first, Britain wanted to create the colonies to trade and make more money with no intent to settle. This changes in the middle of the 1500s. A man named Walter Raleigh is given permission and funds by the Queen of England to go and claim land…

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