Developing A One Child Policy Essay

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Policies to Manage Population Increases

Experts have realized that the increase in population has negative effects on the biosphere. Over the years, population has risen at staggering rates. The increase calls for more homes to be built, leading to the tearing down of trees, referred as deforestation. One thing for sure, trees are needed to absorb some of the toxins and release oxygen back into the air. The increase of human population along with deforestation has been the root of our problems. There are some solutions that could fix the threat to the biosphere. Some experts believe that we should adopt a one-child policy similar to China’s policy, other’s believe we should adopt a policy so whenever a new home is built, trees should be replanted somewhere else, therefore maintaining the loss of our trees; or combining both policies into one.
Focusing on a one-child policy to lower population rates is a probable solution to the increase of population. Since the increase of human population is considered the root of our problems, then why not tackle the problem itself? Managing population can begin with the one-child policy adopted from China. According to All Girls Allowed (2013), “China’s One-Child Policy was formally instituted 30 plus years ago on September 25, 1980, in an open letter by the Chinese Communist Party”. The policy was proposed due to fact that birthrates were over four children per family, in addition to a shortage of food. Also According to All Girls…

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