Destruction Of The Land Degradation Essay

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Arundel, Maine is a beautiful rural community in southern Maine. This small town is home to many cattle and horse farms. Many parts of Arundel are suffering from severe land degradation. 1 Degradation can range from a reduction or loss of biodiversity, salinization, erosion, and encroachment. Degradation can also range from nutrient depletion, changes in soil structure and PH, desertification, and loss of organic matter (Brennan, 2005).
The beautiful land in many parts of Arundel has become very over grazed. This is the main cause of the land degradation. Over grazing can lead to soil erosion and deposition, land degradation, and the overabundance of weed take over. Additionally, soil loses can lose it’s nutrients and organic matter. Overgrazing can lead to sparse vegetation and exposure of roots, which will lead to erosion. Overgrazing can also lead to weed take over, making the land undesirable for grazing. This land degradation from over grazing has reduced the capacity of the land to provide valuable resources. In addition, the over grazing that is happening on local farms is creating soil erosion that flows into the numerous wetlands that are found in Arundel, blocking natural water ways.
The town of Arundel is currently in the process of adopting new Land Use Ordinances to help prevent this issue from worsening. The implementation of new Land Use Ordinances will only succeed if the town of Arundel manages enforcement of the new policies. The town is currently asking…

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