American Social Changes

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U.S Desperate for Social Changes Social changes that have occurred throughout the U.S can demolish or can guide us to ameliorate our nation. John F Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Martin Luther King etc are all people who 's visions enlightened the U.S. The suffrage of these descendants encouraged them to create a more diverse and liberated lifestyle for global citizens. They envisioned a nation with equality between brotherhood. Instead of the U.S carrying on their legacies they have seemed to fail.
A social change necessary currently should be to reform inequality and acceptance as a nation. Many think the U.S has enhanced in some areas but in fact not all. It would be devastating to many now gone presidents to see what they thought
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Many black and mexicans incarcerated today are due to a non violence offense. Although African-Americans who have the same charges as Whites are even shown to be incarcerated for longer period of time. African- Americans are 6x times more likely to be incarcerated than Whites. African-Americans as well were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police than Whites. If African-American and Hispanics imprisonment were equal as Whites the jail population would decline by 50%. The criminal system is now decreasing our chances of making a change. They are going against instead of becoming as one and creating many advantages for our …show more content…
It 's destroying the diversity and giving the U.S many disadvantages. Those who were killed, deported, and abandoned can be apart of making a more suitable and stable living. About 4 million people are undocumented in U.S. Due to being undocumented is a result of less workers and employment rates. Out of those 4 million, some may skilled in many areas that the U.S can benefit from.
Do immigrants actually hurt our economy? Many think that if undocumented workers were to work our economy was fall instead of rise which is a false statement. It is stated that undocumented workers can improve our economy in many ways. If skilled laborers were to train inexperienced workers they could simply create a more distinguished and advanced economy. Immigrants are often perceived as not academically intellectual but many of them have been successful by creating their own ways which the U.S fails to see. Immigrant-owned business can create jobs for many workers. It is proven that undocumented workers are known to increase legal works pays by 10%. Legal or not the people around the U.S can evolve our disadvantages

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