Designing A Product 's Appearance And Features Based On Their Specifications

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1.0 Introduction

We are in the era of mass customisation where customers can fully modify a product’s appearance and features based on their specification. Customers are being active partners in creation of value of product. With this in mind, we have created a tool which allows an engineer to explore the design space of an excavator. The purpose of this report is to detail the spreadsheet implementation, the outputs, the calculations behind it, and reflect on the group process. Through using the spreadsheet, the user can create a fully customized excavator based on their own decision which will meet their needs exactly. In this project, we aim to create the most intuitive and pleasant user experience possible, with a smooth and easy to understand user interface while enable them to customise the excavator. User is able to explore different aspects of an excavator including size, materials and colours. The program will output an invoice with costs, and technical report for advanced users. 2.0 Spreadsheet Implementation

2.1 Initialisation & Main Page
As the user click open the excel file, the main page actives and the spreadsheet is set to full screen, see figure 1. All pages have codes that prevent user from clicking into cells. See Appendix B.1 for initialisation code. A stylised image of an excavator is presented to the user to create visual impact. The excavator is split into four different parts: the bucket, the member, the cab and the tracks/wheels. On the main…

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