Designing A Product That Has Never Existed Essay

1801 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
If someone was to create a product that has never existed before say for example a pair of plyers. They are so universal, simple, and practical but they didn’t require much thought to invent. It`s very safe to say that if that inventor hadn’t created them another person would have in no time. What I am saying, is that the idea of this tool is not that complicated. The idea would come to a clever mind in need of them even if they didn’t exists yet. The same can be said with hover boards, hover cars, teleporters, and time machines, only they are not so simple to make. Sure there was a first, a person that said hay I wish I could make a machine that could go back and time. I say that they deserve recognition, but most of us have wished we could go back in time and fix something stupid we did. Now in days every skater would give up a limb for a skateboard without wheels, or a driver a car without wheels. These ideas were made popular by TV shows and Movies like Back to the Future or The Flintstones, yet it’s easy to draw a line from point A to point B. I feel that the same could be said with computer code. There are some codes say 50-100 lines that are used commonly by most every programmer. There like mathematics that get a lot of attention like adding or subtracting. Mabey at one point they were unique, there was definitely a first, but now in days they are so basic, simple. Yet these small discoverers still deserve recognition. I think that the person is entitled to…

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