Essay about `` Desert Places `` By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost’s “Desert Places” is a somber, introspective journey through a barren landscape choked by the smothering presence of snowfall. Although the poem begins with a lens trained on the surrounding landscape, the narrator’s thoughts eventually turn inward by the final stanza as the narrator compares the current frozen landscape to the vast desert of isolation and loneliness within himself. Frost utilizes repetition to both emphasize the rhythm of snow and night descending and to underscore the sensations felt by the narrator as he travels by his lonesome on the path before him. As the poem closes, the narrator comes to a realization which is—in a way—comforting but equally frightening: the pervading chill and darkness around cannot scare him because the darkness inside his own mind and heart are far more frightful and alienating than anything he has ever felt externally or laid his gaze upon. Like many of Frosts’ poems, this one begins with a solitary traveler making his way through a particular location. Each stanza is a unit, each unit a point in the journey tied to the speaker’s thoughts. In the first stanza, the traveler spends his time taking stock of the area and the way the weather and the time of day blend together to create a distinctly empty scene:

Snow falling and night falling, oh, fast In a field I looked into going past And the ground almost covered smooth in snow But a few weeds and stubble slowing last. (1-4)

As with the subsequent…

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