Descriptive Writing : Honey Bees Essay

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Meta: Delivering something that is sweet and succulent, Honey Bees is a game that really does represent some of Cozy Games finest work. Packed with prizes, this game is sure to give to give you a taste for the sweet stuff!

Honey Bees Review

If you like honey then you’re probably interested in how bees make this marvellous treat. No doubt you’d love to take a trip into a beehive and see for yourself what treasures those lovely little creatures squirrel away. If that sounds like something you’d like to do then you should give the slot game Honey Bees a shot. With prizes sweeter than honey you really can’t go wrong by giving this new Microgaming release a whirl. The following looks at why Honey Bees is sure to grab the attention of slots fans in the weeks to come!

Cartoon capers

Honey Bees comes to us from the Cozy Games, the up and coming online casino software developer. The graphics of the slot machine are as cartoony as you’d expect and the symbols are set on 5 reels and 20 paylines. These reels are set against the hexagonal cells of a beehive. There is also a cute little bumblebee wearing trainers in a field of flowers and another beehive to the top of the reels.

Flying rounding the beehive

Bees also occupy many of the spaces on the reels as the symbols are almost all bee-exclusive. There’s the queen bee, the beehive, a regular bee, a beekeeper, his wife, a cute bear, some honey, and a bright yellow flower. These symbols are beautifully designed, as well as being…

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