Descriptive Essay : Thirsty, Concrete Soaks Up 1000 Gallons Of Water A Minute, Will Blow Your Mind

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Geiling, N. (2015, September 30). “Thirsty” concrete soaks up 1000 gallons of water a minute, will blow you mind. ThinkProgress. Retrieved October 1, 2015.

Summary According to the article “‘Thirsty’ Concrete Soaks Up 1000 Gallons of Water A Minute, Will Blow Your Mind” by Natasha Geiling, there is a new permeable concrete that absorbs water. The material, called Topmix Permeable holds more weight than other permeable concretes. Permeable concrete is important because as the nation urbanizes, concrete is used more often, but the environment loses its ability to drain rainwater. As the climate changes over time, current methods such as stormwater drainage systems and sewer systems have become irrelevant because they cannot keep up with the higher precipitation levels. Another benefit of the innovative concrete is that as water falls down, the concrete filters pollutants such as motor oil out, leaving clean water the only thing that falls all the way down. Unfortunately, Topmix is not advised for use on highways because it is an area with a lot of traffic. Recently, engineers and constructors have been taking water into account in their plan for the future, because they hadn’t realized the environmental consequences that are a result of building cities and buildings on earth.

Relevance to Environmental Science The majority of human interaction with the environment is damaging. In this instance, the fact that humans are taking away ecosystems so that they can survive…

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