Descriptive Essay : Sitting Under A Tree Beside A River

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The first paragraph captures the feeling of the importance of day to day events that are not recorded in history books. Sitting under a tree beside a river is not the kind of thing recorded in history books alongside noteworthy events like tyrannicides. There is a sensibility here, which is stated more explicitly in the last stanza. It is the feeling that the “unimportant” might be as important as the “important.” This feeling appeals to me in how it makes all moments charged with meaning and significance though they be moments that are overlooked in history. I share this sensibility with Szymborska and will attempt in this paper to tease it out as she expresses it, argues for it and seeks to evoke it in her poem, No title required.

As with most feelings, given the human constitution, this feeling is arrived at by first reaching the mind. If we take the view that what is called the heart is the seat of feelings then we can say that the way to the heart is through the mind even when the mental process is not clearly perceived. Or to put it in another way, we are all in some ways romantic rationalists. Even a thing that is perceived as purely sentimental produces its sentiment by making an argument in some way, perhaps indirectly. A surface reading of this poem for example, might make one conclude that Szymborska is being merely sentimental, but in reality she is making arguments for her feelings and seeks to evoke these feelings in the reader both by argument but also…

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