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“Tell them we are going!” my mother screamed from her room. Our ride was here. We were heading to my favorite place. We go there every Monday in the afternoon around 6:00 p.m. I opened the door to go outside. The sky seemed full of white and gray clouds moving to the south. The mountains were located on the south. The first time one of the church people proposed going to the mountains to pray, not everybody seemed convince. A very different place, yet everyone goes there. The green Ford F-150 was parked outside and my mom was still inside. My stomach felt like someone was tickling me from inside. It was a late August afternoon, the time around when the sun starts to rush to go home and the moon comes by to visit a little sooner. My heart was beating rapidly and my legs couldn’t stop moving.
We took the freeway and then turn on to 7th avenue on central. From the car window I could see the mountains, they seemed blue. My mom, brother and everyone in the car seemed relax. Each one of us had set foot in the mountain before. We watched the sunset. Sunsets are like beautiful rare paintings. No matter how many times you look at sunsets, its art always surprises you. On the first week going to the mountains, we witness this beautiful view. The sun was already going down but it was taking its time. Orange clouds were standing on top of the sun. On top laid pink and purple colors in the sky. Opening my arms, my nose sniffed a fresh air bumping into my face. It reminded me of the…

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