Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I rolled out of bed at 3:30am on Monday morning, wondering what the heck I got myself into. Half asleep, I turned off my alarm and proceeded to get dressed and pack my clothes and toiletries. After checking to make sure I had everything in my bag to get through the week, I placed it in the trunk of my ‘95 Buick Regal, grabbed a water bottle and granola bar and headed out. It was the summer after my senior year of high school and I had agreed to help a family friend roof houses until school started. I had never roofed before and not knowing what I had gotten myself into, I said yes and now I was driving halfway across the state at four in the morning. I was headed to Elkhart, Kansas, a four hour drive from my home town of Newton. Considering I was still partially asleep, the drive seemed even longer, and the sun was still hours from rising. There were a thousand things going on in my head “What am I going to be doing?”, “What if I don’t like it?”, “how long do we work in a day?”. I thought to myself the things my family told me about how tough it would be, and how Teo (the family friend) told me I would be working with illegals who didn’t speak much english, but I needed the money and there was no turning back now. Looking back I am glad I stuck with it because after working that summer I realized the importance of education and that I needed to stay in school, because I couldn’t roof the rest of my life.
I arrived in Elkhart just before 8:00am, called Teo to get the…

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