Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Sofia, *Spanish*!” my abuelito called out to me in his heavy accent. “Okay, I got it!” I called over the thunderous noise of hearty laughter, children squealing, and another Joe Arroyo song. I squeezed between the numerous bodies that towered over my seven-year-old stature as I tried to reach the kitchen. My house wasn’t particularly big, but it always seemed to have an abundance of people in it; most speaking in a language which I only partially understood. When I stumbled into the kitchen, my nostrils filled with the overwhelming aroma of food, both cooking and already prepared to be served. I spoke to my mother in my native tongue, Spanglish, asking her for some seasonings, a lime, and two beers. Somehow my stubby fingers managed to carry everything my grandfather asked in addition to a plate littered with a food I struggled to pronounce; my mother insisted that everyone outside would want some. Now outside, the air was filled with a new smell; the smell of the churrizo my family, myself included, had spent the entire day making. I passed the seasonings and one of the beers off to my father who was busy at the grill, the other to my abuelito as well as the lime, and then I set the plate of food on a table that stood in the middle of my house’s back-patio; ‘thank you’s went all around as my mother proved me right once more. Before I could get the chance to join my people in a game of tag, my father called me over. “This piece will be perfect you.” he said as he bent down…

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