Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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My feet slam against the boardwalk as I rush to the scenery that leaves my heart at peace. The brilliant blue waters of the Pacific sea are just a few hundred feet away. The sun is shining brightly against the open, blue sky. I see the sparkling azure body contrasting against the bleached white sand. It is exquisitely breath-taking. I close my eyes as I taste the salty spray and feel the sensation of sand blowing alongside my tanned skin. Nature is simply an art that you experience with all 5 senses. I can look upon the soul restoring view of the ocean. I can smell the sunscreen lingering in the air; the sour mix of chemicals and sweat. I can feel the warm sand against my feet, and the sun heating my skin. I can hear the distant scream of a seagull and the crashing of waves against the sand. I can taste the air that is concentrated with a salty beauty; despite the bitter after taste, it is somewhat pleasant. The beach is a sensory overload of virtuosity and creativity. As we reach the picturesque setting, my family and I longingly stare at the horizon’s perpetual beauty. My sisters run toward the palm tree to take a picture while my mother strolls to the shore line to hunt for a prized shell. My father wades in the seawater; saturating the salty goodness like a sponge saturates water. I remain behind and wait, soaking in the tranquil purity by inhaling the healing scenery. I examine the volleyball players in the corner of my vision. As they insistently…

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