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The Movie: The Visit My favorite type of movies are scary movies. Recently I watched the scary movie The Visit. The Visit is a movie about an estranged daughter that hasn’t seen her parents in fifteen years after her and her parents got into an argument and physical altercation when she ran off with her older boyfriend. Now her parents has contacted her wanting to see their grandchildren and the mothers lets her children go to see their grandparents. Everything was going fine at first but then strange things started to happen. Eventually the children and their mother come to the realization that the people they have been staying with were not their grandparents. Turns out they were from a psychiatric hospital and they had killed their real …show more content…
You never want the expected to happen in this type of movie you want to squirm, and quiver in your seat while you are watching the movie. In the movie The Visit you expect them to be their real grandparents that are just crazy and wanting revenge on their daughter for the never resolved feud. Once you find out that they are psychotic murderers and that they killed the real grandparents you expect them to kill the children but instead there is a total twist from what is expected. The mother tells the children that those are not their real grandparents and the children have a somewhat advantage. The children, despite what was expected, kill the imposter grandparents in a very horrific way, and get away with their lives. They get to return safely home to their …show more content…
Scary movies traditionally are not supposed to have happy endings or comedic scenes they are supposed to be filled with death and despair. There are a couple comedic scenes throughout the movie. One being that the little brother is an inspiring rapper. You can’t help but to laugh at the quirky little boy trying to be the next Jay-z. Also the way he murdered the grandfather was somewhat laughable. Also there were two characters, the man on the train and a man that visited the house, that were trying to some type of dramatic actor but was very bad at it. There was also two scenes where the grandmother was naked. One scene was mild, it happen when they were playing hide and seek and when the grandmother come out of the crawl space her entire left butt cheek was out. That caught you completely off guard and the fact that she nonchalantly walked around with it out made it that make funnier. The other scene was during one of her psychotic episodes. The child heard weird noises and when the brother opened the door he saw a fully naked grandmother scratching at a door. The son turned around and said to his sister “I think I’m blind”. With these things being included in this movie it lessens the fear factor, in turn making it a bad scary

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