Descriptive Essay : Coach Purse

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The Unique Coach Purse
Almost every girl has a purse that, one way or another, captures and impersonates a girl in a particular way. Some purses are grand, while others are petite. Nonetheless, every purse has the exact compatible purpose of holding items a girl needs to bring along with her, wherever she may travel. However, the Coach purse happens to be a unique purse because of its look, size, and smell.
The exterior is made out of a very smooth, black leather material, extremely similar to the feel of the leather interior on the inside seat of a car. The straps of the purse is gold and leather. The room tends to be a little chilly which, in turn, makes the stainless steel, gold plated parts on the purse ice cold. The zipper on the purse is also made of gold plated, stainless steel. As the purse is unzipped, the zipper lead to a burst of fresh, sweet, and minty aromatic air that rushed out and forced upon the face and out into the open. The interior of the purse was a smooth, soft, and silky feel. There are an array of various items inside the purse that range from being hard and stainless steel, to soft and squishy.
The grand size of the purse is compatible to that of a small luggage case. Inside, the purse is a chaotic, yet organized, combination of possessions that have been carefully thrown within the purse. Cosmetics nearly fill the interior of the entirety of the purse. To name a few of the never-ending array of items within the purse there is a freshly new…

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