Essay about Description Of The Museum At The Holocaust

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Description of the Museum
This was not my first visit to the Holocaust Museum; I attended this museum during my 12th grade year of high school. However, this time around as a graduate student, I paid more attention than I did as a 12th grader. The museum had a complete timeline of the relationship between Germany and Jewish people before, during and after the Holocaust. The museum had a mixture of pictures, videos and writings. The three exhibits that I visited were “Some were Neighbors: Collaboration & Complicity in the Holocaust, the Permanent Exhibition: The Holocaust, and Remember the Children: Daniel’s Story”. These exhibits explained the events before the Holocaust, how it affected Jewish people, and who were the people involved. The Permanent Exhibition, which was about 3 floors, and had an enormous pile of shoes from people in the Holocaust, a train cart that was used to transport people to the Holocaust and a bunch of artifacts. During the time of my visit, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a tour of the “Some were Neighbors: Collaboration & Complicity exhibit.
In my opinion, the Holocaust Museum is one of the best museums in Washington, D.C. I like how the museum tells the complete story of the Holocaust starting with all the events leading up to it and after. This museum impacted my view on the struggles of people other an African Americans. Sometimes, I think my views on the struggles of other racial groups are somewhat bias because I always felt…

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