Essay on Describe Common Physical Network Topologies

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1.1 Describe common physical network topologies


Topologies describes the how different computers or other devices in a computer network is arranged. Topologies can be either physical (meaning placement of the components are arranged in a particular shape) or logical (meaning how data flows despite of its physical layout). There are different recognised topologies including star, mesh, tree and ring.
In a star topology, each network device (computer or peripheral) is linked to a central hub or a switch with a point-to-point access or connection. All the data and information is passed through the central hub before reaching to its destination. For example, in a small home network, all the computers or devices are connected to single router.

As you can see allow, all the different devices have point to point connection with a centralised hub or a switch, thus all the data or communications passes through their before reaching to a particular destination. In terms of advantages with this setup, it is very reliable as if one communication medium such as cable or device fails, it doesn 't affect others, they will still to able to communicate with other devices on the network. Also due to the fact that there is only one line to communication medium i.e. single cable connection, data sending can be fast and setup of the network is relative easy. The major disadvantage is the fact that all the communication passes through a central hub/switch and if that…

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