Depression And Other Forms Of Mental Disorders Essay

730 Words Feb 13th, 2016 3 Pages
People have been suffering from depression and other forms of mental disorders since the beginning of time. Even though most people interpreted mental breaks to attitude or other sickness, research that is happening in 2016 is phenomenal. According to “Brian Training for Anxiety, Depression and Other Mental Conditions” Scientists can now scan the brain in real time to help assess where the problems are. An analysis of previous treatments for mental conditions reveals that neurofeedback will most likely lessen medicine dosages and become a better aid in the future.
Anxiety and depression can be crippling and now there is a way to remove the zombies of medicine side effects and bring the bright minded people back to the world. Andrea Petersen talks on neurofeedback scans showing the revolutionary work of the men and women diligently working in the psychology field. She starts out the article by showing photos that were shown to depressed patients to get them to not focus on the negative and instead had them focus on the positive background behind the faces. Next she starts providing statistics and how this new thing could help so many people. After some lines of text there is another photo. This time of a brain under the scan of someone with spider phobia while they are looking at photographs of spiders in various locations. After explaining in detail how this treatment is revolutionary and how it will help she placed a group of photos off to the side, which were used…

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