Depersonalization / Derealization Disorder : An Type Of Disorder

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Depersonalization/derealization disorder is a very unusual type of disorder. Those with this disorder have an unnatural feeling that they themselves and the things around them are not real. people may have the feeling that they are seeing themselves from a third person view or just feel like they are in a dream. Almost everybody has had this feeling once or twice in their life. However, even though most people have experienced this feeling, the ones who cannot get rid of it are the ones with Depersonalization/derealization disorder. Depersonalization is the feeling of being detached from oneself and derealization is the feeling that one’s surroundings are not real.

This disorder is usually developed after a traumatic experience. Depersonalization/derealization disorder can interfere with many daily activities such as jobs or relationships.

There are two sets of symptoms for this disorder. One set is the list of symptoms for depersonalization and the other set of symptoms belong to derealization. The depersonalization symptoms include one feeling that they are observing their thoughts and feelings from outside their body, feeling like one has no control over their physical actions, having a sense that one 's limbs look wrong or distorted, thinking one 's memories have no emotion, and numbness of one 's senses. The symptoms for derealization consist of a feeling of being in a movie, being somehow separated from friends and family, seeing size and shape distortion,…

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