Depathy In The Stowaway

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Register to read the introduction… The woodworm is evidently bitter for not being a chosen species on the ark. As a result, he is forced to be an outsider. He tricked his way onto the ark and was a stowaway for the duration of the voyage. Throughout the story, the reader feels a sense of discontent from the woodworm for not being chosen as a recognized traveler on the ark. As the text of the story itself says, “The flotilla’s captain… was an ugly old thing, both graceless in movement and indifferent to personal hygiene” (17). This displeasure adds to the tone of the story because the resentment the woodworm feels for Noah influences the reader, making the reader dislike Noah even more.
In conclusion, the cynical tone of the woodworm demonstrates the flawed figure of Noah. It is quite clear that Noah is not the beloved figure we have come to know. Rather, he is a man just like any other man, deeply flawed. The woodworm’s recounting of his time on the ark shows Noah’s true colors. He is arrogant, abusive, jealous, selfish, and self-centered. These flaws are directly related to specific examples in the

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